E-commerce Website Support

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Four Key Elements to a Successful E-commerce Website


The foundation for any successful e-commerce website is having a well thought out digital roadmap. The reason for this is that online shopping sites perform best when designers, developers, and business leads come together to review and discuss their respective goals and objectives that result in optimal user experiences designed to convert sales.   


Here are the four essential elements to set up your e-commerce site for success. 


A Great E-commerce Website Should Be Intuitive


Nowadays, consumers may not always know what they want or how they can get it. A great e-commerce website should offer a shopping experience that can help the consumer with the process, and this includes anticipating their needs and wants. 


To get this, you may want to include a multifaceted search interface that offers a number of intuitive product filters and category navigation. This particular feature will help customers scale down your product options and deliver what the customer is looking for. 


You can create this experience by offering a functional e-commerce website with intuitive user navigation. Depending on your business, live chat may also be useful. 


Be Transparent


A great shopping experience online should include the ability to see transparent prices and order a product in a seamless, hassle-free way. Dynamic prices or a site that is unclear or confusing is typically not going to keep users browsing. Rather, they may look somewhere else. 


Regardless of what you are selling, you should make sure your e-commerce website is transparent and offers all of the information a buyer might need. 


Choices and Tangibility


A successful e-commerce website will make sure their consumers understand the benefits, uses, or attributes of any product that is available on the site. Even if there are only a few products available, or one kind of product, such as jewelry or computers, you should include as much information about the item as possible. 


To assist with this, a good e-commerce website design company should ensure your product pages are designed using the same underlying structure which would then provide a clear and consistent user experience. 




One of the most important elements of your e-commerce website is to ensure your consumers can feel confident in your site, and know they can trust it. This can be done through consistency, accurate descriptions, testimonials, built in reviews, and more. 


Regardless of what you are selling, whether they are digital or physical goods, all of these elements can be applied to your e-commerce website. If you would like to know about best practices for designing e-commerce websites, call Guidance at 31.754.4000 or learn more at www.guidance.com.