The Mobile Retailer: How Merchants Like Charming Charlie And Pura Vida Put Mobile First

Looking beyond mobile conversion rate to maximize mobile’s impact on your business

Technology moves at breakneck speed, and mobile (smartphone and tablet) usage is no exception.

Mobile has evolved rapidly from a transaction channel to the true intersection of commerce and marketing. For many retailers, mobile is central to both shopping and overall brand experience, and mCommerce is no longer simply a branch of eCommerce. Some say that it is eCommerce. As a result, progressive retailers have fully embraced “Mobile First” thinking.

By The Numbers

  1. 60% of all Shopping Behaviour Starts on Mobile Google
  2. 64% Regularly Shops on Smartphones Bloomreach
  3. Mobile Influences $1T of in-store Sales Forrester
  4. 6.5 B Smartphone Users Expected by 2020 Tune

We reached out to some of the most innovative Omni-channel retailers leading the charge. By leveraging the mobile surge in new and interesting ways, they’re maximizing engagement, winning over customers, and closing the loop between mobile and in-store sales.

One key finding that might surprise you: Conversion is important, but it’s not everything. Read what happens when big brands dive headfirst into a mobile-centric world.

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