Guidance Builds Mobile Solution for Munchkin


For 25 years, Munchkin has been developing new and innovative products for parents, babies and children. In order to keep up with the expectations of modern parents, Munchkin needed help developing a mobile subscription service, application and website for its new grass Fed Formula. This comprehensive mobile solution provides all of the conveniences and preferences that time starved parents require given their busy schedules. Parents can easily create and manage their subscriptions across any device and at any time they choose. 



Mobile Subscription Application Development 

Magento 2 Integration module with the mobile application

Personalization tools, including a formula estimator

Delivery flexibility with multiple shipping addresses

Real-time push notifications

Value with free shipping, discounts and a free hand-selected gift with every 3 can delivery integration

Convenient and easy to use calendar 



Guidance built the Munchkin Grass Fed mobile subscription application and Magento 2 module for its website. It was important for the mobile application to connect emotionally with new moms and deliver a brand experience they could easily trust. Guidance created a mobile application that was easy to use and intuitive. The mobile application had several important features such as; conveniently skip a delivery, cancel or update the subscription with one touch. It also featured real-time notification on orders and a refer a friend program. 

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