Modern E-Commerce Websites That Convert

When you are looking for modern and innovative e-commerce websites that maximize conversion, Guidance is the industry leader. For over 25 years, Guidance (based in Los Angeles) has been working with flagship brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors in the mid market and enterprise market. Click here to contact Guidance. To learn more, contact Guidance at 310.754.4000 or complete Contact Us form here.

E-commerce is a high growth and cost effective sales channel for both B2B and B2C. There is literally no limit to the type of audience you can reach. However, whether you want to introduce your brand locally, nationally, or internationally, you need to have a compelling user experience or customer journey that stems from a modern e-commerce website design that has been built on industry best practices designed to convert. Guidance can help you maximize revenue growth, conversions and average order value (AOV) with expert web development, design and system integration. Guidance has a multi-platform practice with expertise on Magento Commerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Episerver, Big Commerce, and Shopify Plus.

E-Commerce Website Design That Scale

Guidance is a full service commerce services provider with industry leading solutions such as commerce strategy, web development, system integration, mobile optimization, design, analytics, managed services, hosting, etc. Our team of trained and certified developers work very closely with our design team to build award winning websites for brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Clients Choose Guidance Commerce Solutions


Mobile means that a site is fully optimized, responsive and can be across accessed all devices. Guidance recognizes the significance of mobile traffic and actually design process with mobile as the starting point ctually starts visual design for mobile.


The most effective e-commerce websites that accelerate growth and maximize conversions are intuitive and can be efficiently managed on both the front end and back end. Guidance designs, develops and delivers websites that can be easily managed.

Fast, Safe, and Secure

Site stability, speed and security are critical factors to consider in e-commerce. Guidance has extensive QA and security protocols in place that provide the necessary safeguards against any possible security breach.

Custom E-commerce Website Designs

Any website designed and built by Guidance is done so with your brand standards in mind. Style guides are used to maintain consistency, look and feel.

Contact Guidance at 310.754.4000 or at to explore your options or to learn about our customized ecommerce design solutions.

The Significance of E-Commerce

  1. A beautifully crafted e-commerce website can help to increase the trust and business relationship between you and your customers.
  2. The best e-commerce websites offer a modern design that is intuitive and minimizes any friction to purchase. Customers should have the ability to purchase goods or services at anytime, anywhere and across any device they choose.
  3. E-commerce allows you to get maximum brand visibility from all over the world or to a specific targeted audience.
  4. Using various tools and techniques you can monitor your buyers spending habits and preferences so you can tailor marketing and promotional messages that are most relevant and meaningful to customers. Guidance designs websites that take into account new customer acquisition and repeat purchasing behavior.

If you are new to e-commerce or need help building a website, call Guidance at 310.754.4000 or complete Contact Us form here.