Guidance Delivers Enriching Digital Training Website for gIDE Dental


gIDE Dental is an online clinical and scientific knowledge center for dentists to access learning globally. The gIDE Dental Institute is a premier provider of online dental education with members and online users in over 100 counties. The gIDE Dental Institute team was looking to re-architect their membership based digital video training platform and chose Guidance to be their digital commerce implementation partner.


  • Viddler Video Platform Integration
  • Payment and Processing System integration
  • Re-architect their membership based video training platform
  • Digital Commerce Optimization and Acceleration
  • Customized Native Magento Commerce Features


Guidance performed a substantial code clean up on their existing Magento Community Edition or CE (now referred to as Magento Open Source) site. Guidance trained and certified developers were required to completely re-architect several sections of the code for the gIDE Dental site and enhance out of the box Magento applications. The major enhancement for the gIDE Dental project was developing and enriching the digital video membership-based training program on Viddler Video. This particular membership video platform enabled users to conduct various training programs. gIDE Dental is currently using Guidance “Acceleration Services” to help grow and scale its digital business, support gIDE Dental for all ongoing development work, and perform UI/UX work as needed.

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