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May 13, 2019
Magento Imagine 2019, the largest Imagine show to date and sponsored by Guidance, boasted some amazing growth examples. Guidance Commerce Strategist, Brian Beck, too the Imagine stage with Ash Howard, Director at Popcultcha to discuss his “unconventional brand” and how Popcultcha has grown in recent years. Howard offered examples of how Popcultcha investing in Magneto, found the right partner, expanded globally and accelerated growth. (Popcultcha is Australia’s largest and most extensive on-line store of “pop culture” merchandise.)
From 2017 – 2018 Popcultcha saw significant online growth and shared the following stats during the breakout session:
  • 60% online revenue growth
  • 10% increase in conversion
  • 5% increase in Average order value (AOV)
Howard discussed his strategy on building a global brand and partnering with Guidance for growth.  Popcultcha has been on the Magento platform for over 7 years, working with and Guidance in 2016. Howard recalled making his decision to partner with Guidance because of its strong reputation with Magento and the way Guidance structure its projects.  
Looking forward, Guidance will complete Popcultcha’s Magento 2 upgrade this summer and expects to add to Popcultcha’s exceptional growth over the next 3 years.  


Magento Imagine, 2019

Imagine brings together 3,000+ E-commerce experts including merchants, agencies and technology providers from over 50 countries.
Imagine comprises three engaging days of keynote speakers, breakout and special sessions, and networking events designed to help you to take your business to the next level.