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December 05, 2017


Fashion Digital New York 2017
Guidance, Paul Evans and Dormify Discuss Amazon Strategies at Fashion Digital New York (FDNY) 2017
Brian Beck, SVP, Commerce Strategy at Guidance, Nicole Gardner, COO at Dormify and Evan Fript, CEO at Paul Evans discussed various ways to think about Amazon at the 2017 Fashion Digital New York conference on Tuesday, 12/5/17 in New York.  Here is what was covered: 
Amazon: Fashion’s Friend, Foe, or Both?  
Market Trends and Merchant Perspectives on creating opportunity with the (new) highest volume apparel retailer in the US.
Nearing ‘center-of-the-world’ status, Amazon is becoming the one-stop e-commerce shop for just about everything available for sale in the known world.  With Amazon expected to be responsible for well over 40% of holiday Ecommerce sales this year, and now becoming the largest apparel retailer in the US, the marketplace giant cannot be ignored.  While the bulk of Amazon’s sales are still from ‘utilities’ (e.g. socks, undergarments, etc.), the company’s investments in Amazon fashion and their own private labels have fashion brands and retailers wondering how and whether to work with the Ecommerce giant.  
How should merchants be thinking about Amazon?  What are the pros and cons of selling on the marketplace?  If a brand sells on Amazon, what tactics can be used to optimize for success?
FDNY  brings together hundreds of commerce professionals in the fashion, beauty and apparel industry to discuss new innovations, technology, cutting-edge strategy and the latest in digital marketing and analytics. 350+ Ecommerce professionals from fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands attended the event this year. 
If you were unable to attend FDNY but would like the slides used during this particular presentation, you can download them here.