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February 26, 2018



Guidance will be attending the 2018 eTail West conference in Palm Desert from February 26th – March 1st. eTail West brings together the top minds from America’s most successful brands and retailers to discuss all aspects of digital commerce in 2018 and beyond.
Brian Beck, SVP of E-Commerce & Omni-Channel Strategy at Guidance will share his perspective on two panels this year:
“Driving Customers To Buy: It’s All in the Details”
  • Monday, February 26th at 1:35PM
  • Other Panelists: Windsor Fashions, Estee Lauder and LD Products
  • The panelist will explain the importance of curated product descriptions, what has worked for them and what hasn’t. They will also show how you can implement three technologies to ensure your catalog stands out from your rivals.
“Beating Amazon/Winning Internationally” – Track A
  • Tuesday, February 27th at 2:40PM
  • Other Panelists: Cabeau and Hammit Bags
  • Panelist will discuss how merchants should be thinking about Amazon. What are the pros and cons of selling onthe marketplace?
If you would like to connect with Brian while attending eTail West, please contact us here and we will gladly set this up.  Have a great conference!