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Relax the Back

The premier retailer of back and neck care products with more than 100 stores nationwide, wanted to raise their online revenues by enhancing their site’s user experience and integrating a multi-channel strategy. 

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One of the biggest gifting hurdles is that online shopping is just not optimized for purchasing for others. While shoppers buying for themselves know their size, preferred color or shipping address, these simple questions create significant roadblocks when trying to buy for someone else, resulting in material loss of business for retailers.

This loss is caused by consumers being forced to compromise by shopping at alternative stores, purchasing different products or buying gift cards that don’t have that personal touch. Or they simply end up buying the wrong gift, resulting in significant returns and exchanges. 


Loop Commerce removes these obstacles with their SaaS-based gifting solution for retailers that easily integrates into their stores, while providing their customers with a simple way for thoughtful and personalized gift giving – all while ensuring that the recipient gets the perfect gift.

The Loop Commerce platform is built for large scale, with ease of integration into the store, including payment, checkout and order-management systems, enabling retailers to quickly drive growth and generate new revenues.

Loop Commerce opens up the huge gifting market to merchants who have not yet implemented gifting in their stores, as well as removing the commercial obstacles for merchants who have gifting options but are faced with abandoned shopping carts, a large number of returns and only a fraction of their inventory even available for gifting.

Loop Commerce offers the most effective way for merchants to transform the gift-giving experience and finally make inroads into the widely untapped $50 billion online gift purchasing market.  Loop Commerce enables buyers to select from a retailer’s entire inventory and everything is done under the retailer’s brand and within their site. This helps to build brand and increase loyalty, as well as delivering two consumers for every transaction – the buyer and the recipient. Loop Commerce also provides the ability to up-sell and cross-sell to these consumers.