Oracle Endeca's commerce solution enables your company to deliver a personalized, consistent customer buying experience across all channels–online, in-store, mobile, or social.

Whenever and wherever customers engage with your business, Oracle Endeca's commerce solution delivers, analyzes, and targets just the right content to just the right customer to encourage clicks and drive business results.

As an Endeca partner, we provide best practices to ensure that your online channel:

  • Delivers user-centric experiences in a scalable way;
  • Ingests any data from any source to power smarter, richer experiences;
  • Guides and influences customers to encourage exploration and discovery;
  • Allows business users to change the customer experience and dynamically push updates—without engaging IT; and,
  • Extends and manages the full breadth of Oracle Endeca's Web commerce capabilities into multiple channels.

Download Oracle Endeca Experience Manager Data Sheet