Guidance Green

Guidance Green

Guidance is proud to be a 100% carbon-neutral company

Our green committee, Guidance Green, was created in March 2007 to oversee the company's environmental efforts. Guidance Green has since achieved many accomplishments including organizing, hosting and attending over a dozen environmentally-friendly events and initiatives, and offering carbon-neutral hosting services to commerce clients.

Recent Events

Spring Clean Up
11th Annual Eat Learn Live Event
End of Summer Clean Up
Ride Your Bike to Work Day
Carpool to Work Day
Spring Clean Up
Guidance Green Beach Cleanup

Guidance Green Logo DECLARATION

The unanimous Declaration of Guidance Solutions, Inc.

When in the course of daily business activity, it becomes necessary to consider the negative impact we make on the Earth, a respect for our environment requires that we declare the ways and means in which to preserve this planet.

  1. We will reuse, reduce, and recycle material waste produced by Guidance business activities.
    1. Recycling bins shall be placed in accessible, high traffic areas and provide clear information about what can be recycled.
    2. Recycle everything we can. Almost everything can be recycled, even hazardous materials and medicines.
    3. Reusable plates, silverware and glasses shall be provided for all meals eaten at the office. Filtered drinking water shall be provided to reduce bottled water waste.
  2. We will reduce all energy waste produced by Guidance business activities.
    1. Lights shall be turned off when leaving any room and natural light shall be utilized whenever possible.
    2. Energy efficient bulbs shall replace old bulbs.
    3. Screen savers do not save energy. All computers and monitors shall be turned off or hibernated when not in use.
    4. Print smarter by using both sides or the back sides of old documents. Color printing shall be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
    5. The company’s purchasing policy shall reinforce the use of recycled office supplies.
    6. Alternative modes of transportation and commuting such as riding the bus, carpooling, walking and biking shall be encouraged and incentivized.
  3. We will expand the Guidance Green mission into the community through the participation and creation of eco-friendly events.
    1. Working relationships shall be forged with green partners and customers.
    2. The company shall sponsor a minimum of two green community events per year.

We, therefore, the Guidance staff, solemnly publish and declare, that this company shall operate as an environmentally aware carbon-neutral company. In support of this declaration, we mutually pledge to each other our commitment, our passion, and our action.
Guidance Green Signature