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Professional E-Commerce Website Design Company 


Did you know that you have about five seconds to capture a person's attention and convince  them to browse your website for more information? As you can imagine, this is not easy and requires your website to deliver exactly what customers want, an intuitive experience with little to no friction.  Simply said, it has to be great!  


Guidance, who has been designing websites for over 25 years, is very familiar with customer journey, visual design and UI/UX.  They create the perfect blend of innovation, visual design and maximum conversion. In order to achieve this type of success, brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors should contact Guidance.  

E-commerce Website Design in Los Angeles 


For a very long time, Los Angeles has sat at the forefront of entertainment, finance, creativity, and global commerce. As digital commerce continues to advance at a very rapid pace in both B2B and B2C, competition has become more fierce and a willingness to embrace new technologies is essential in order to stay relevant and maximize revenue growth. . 


At Guidance, we design, develop and deliver e-commerce solutions to brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors everyday - it’s all we do!  Of course, e-commerce goes well beyond building a website.  


We believe great e-commerce sites begin with a strategic vision, a very efficient technical foundation, exceptional design and a well defined marketing strategy. This foundation can help you to understand your market, their specific needs, and how you can leverage your site to create a wonderful customer journey that converts at the online point of sale.     


Guidance prides itself on technical expertise and e-commerce solution innovation.  These skills along with cutting-edge design, is what makes Guidance different and so valuable to clients and prospects. Its that competitive spirit that makes Los Angeles so distinct. 


When you call Guidance, we will listen to your goals, pain points, objectives, etc. and help you to develop a well thought out digital commerce experience for your customers connects your brand and drives conversions.  


We don’t just build websites, we accelerate e-commerce growth for brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors.  

Your E-commerce Website Design


Our ecommerce website design team knows how to incorporate all aspects of visual design and development so that your website results in a highly functional and intuitive commerce experience for your customers.  When you choose Guidance to be your e-commerce website design solution partner, you can feel confident in knowing that we will discuss the elements of your site and your design ideas. How your site looks sends a clear message to your customer about your brand and what it stands for.  However, equally important is how your site performs and transacts at the online point of sale. Rest assured, Guidance takes all of this into account.    


Guidance has a rich history of building sites all over the US.  Guidance is headquartered in Los Angeles is is constantly looking at ways to remove friction and accelerate growth for clients and prospects.  If you are looking for a partner with expertise in e-commerce website design, system integration and development, call Guidance.