Today’s world is vastly driven by internet consumerism, so business owners often need help from a Los Angeles, CA e-commerce website development team when establishing a marketplace on the web. An e-commerce website may sound daunting for those who have never created one before. But don’t sweat it, as our team at Guidance can help you figure out where to begin, what comes first, and which resources can be the most useful. Rest assured, it has never been more simple for both novices and beginners alike to launch a fully functioning and profitable e-commerce website. Here are just a few tips to consider when working on establishing your first e-commerce marketplace:


Naming the E-commerce Website

Naming your website is a huge step in this process, so don’t rush it! Choosing a name that doesn’t attract visitors or make clear what you are selling, can decrease visibility. You can run your desired website name through a domain search to see if it is already taken. Our team at Guidance in Los Angeles, CA for e-commerce website development may make the following suggestions when picking a domain name:


  • The name should be unique and easy for people to remember
  • The name should be simple for anyone to spell, as anything too complicated can make it harder for visitors to find you when searching via the web
  • The name must describe your niche and what you are selling, so much so that consumers know what your site is about from the very first page, before even clicking further


Browse Different Platforms

There are multiple online platforms you can use that can be great engines for getting your website up and running. If you are new to creating websites, you may find some platforms are much easier than others to grasp. While there may be a learning curve involved, you can also consider building your own template instead. Our e-commerce website development team can advise you as to which platform can be most beneficial based on what you are looking for. 


Draft an Outline Before Designing

It can be exciting to just jump in and start designing your website right away. However, start off by creating an outline first. An outline can help you make the most of your monthly website platform fee (if the one you use charges a membership fee). Secondly, an outline can help you figure out whether you can design most of the website yourself or require outside assistance. Just know that our team at Guidance for e-commerce website development, can be of aid as you work through any roadblocks! 


Engage Your Team

Whether you have receptionists, representatives, marketing managers, or salespeople, each member of your team must have a say in the outline process. Anyone who you want to play a role in the company’s future, should be invited to participate in crafting the website outline. The more insight and perspectives you can gather, the more likely you are to have covered all your bases.


If you want support getting your e-commerce website off the ground and running, we can advise you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate, as at Guidance our dedicated e-commerce website development team can help get you going!