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Help Your Customers Expand Their Sales Channels

 For over two decades, ChannelAdvisor has been the industry’s most trusted e-commerce solution, helping global brands and retailers solve marketplace, digital marketing, direct-to-consumer, first-party retail, drop ship and fulfillment needs — all in a single, centralized platform.

 ChannelAdvisor helps improve customer’s online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers across the entire buying cycle, optimizing their operations for peak performance, and providing actionable analytics to improve competitiveness.

Signs that they may be a good ChannelAdvisor prospect:

  • They don’t sell on any or just a few marketplaces
  • The only marketplace they sell on is Amazon
  • They have at least 1000 SKUs (>10,000 even better)

Look for these pain points:

  • Wanting to expand to additional marketplaces but lack resources
  • Experiencing issues with optimizing content, winning the buy box, advertising, managing FBA, and competing in an ever-changing landscape
  • Manually managing multiple channels
  • Struggling to get products the placement in each channel marketplace to win

 Clients that meet the above, ask:

  • As you think about your growing business, do you find yourself worrying about keeping up with market demand or outpacing your competitors?
  • Managing a multichannel e-commerce environment today is certainly challenging — there are lots of moving parts to find customers and then to make sure that the right targets become buyers. When you think of your business today, what are the top challenges standing between you and the growth that you want for your business?
  • Are you looking to expand to international markets?
  • Do you have plans to sell on additional marketplaces?

 If already selling on Amazon/other marketplaces, ask:

  • Do you find that you are having problems winning against your competition on Amazon (or on other marketplaces)?
  • When you have issues in winning the Buy Box on Amazon or on other marketplaces, is it typically easy for you to figure out what went wrong? Why or why not?
  • How much effort is required to fix errors that may be impacting your ability to sell more?
  • What’s the productivity cost of manually updating and managing your content?
  • In what ways is your listing process on Amazon/eBay/[other applicable marketplace] automated?
  • What are some of the issues holding you back from your potential on Amazon (or others)?

 Ask branded manufacturers who aren’t currently selling online:

  • Do you want to capture website traffic and improve the consumer experience by connecting shoppers directly with buying options?
  • Are you maximizing sales opportunities with qualified customers who are researching your products?
  • How effectively are you monetizing web traffic and digital marketing initiatives?

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