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In this post, we’ll continue sharing best practices about how to reduce shopping cart abandonment. (Missed the first installment? You can catch up here.)

Today we’ll cover valuable tips and some exciting results from Guidance client JOHNNY WAS, a retailer offering bohemian clothing for the free-spirited woman who embraces creativity and originality. The recommendations below are based on a webinar featuring their eCommerce Marketing Manager Frederique Meijer.

1. Make Cart Content Count

You can create a great customer experience by making key pieces of information part of the shopping cart. Give shoppers easy access to:

  • Customer service resources
  • Return policies
  • A final tally that includes all applicable taxes

It’s also smart to let people enter gift cards and promo codes at this stage so they can instantly see the savings and feel motivated to complete the sale.

2. Embrace Single-Screen Checkout

We’ve already touched on the importance of streamlining checkout. Be aggressive about fitting the entire experience onto one screen. Make sure you’re using responsive software that scales automatically and looks fabulous on all devices. Even the password reset functionality can be simplified. Your goal is to keep people focused on making a purchase no matter what.  

Ms. Meijer shared some compelling statistics about Johnny Was that demonstrate the value of these improvements. Since launching with Guidance, cart abandonment decreased by 23% while purchase abandonment decreased by 11%!

3. Optimize Abandoned-Cart Emails

Johnny Was uses Bronto to send emails that remind customers about items languishing in their carts. If you’re drafting a message like this, keep the language friendly and helpful. Also, be sure to use high-quality photos that showcase the products. Include a strong call-to-action that invites customers to continue checking out and places them right where they left off in the purchase flow.

Since May 2015, Johnny Was has seen a significant lift in email performance. Here are some current statistics:

  • Open Rate: 59%
  • Click Rate: 40%
  • Conversion Rate: 17%
  • Revenue Generated Per Email: $17.66

According to a study conducted by Bronto, 73% of online shoppers use the cart as a “storage locker” for items they’re planning to buy later. 42% find reminder emails helpful, so it’s worth developing solid messaging that brings customers back to your site!

Want more insights and practical tips for reducing cart abandonment? Check out the complete webinar here.


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