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Did you know Guidance was founded in 1993? That means we’ve been in business for 21 years. And our digital archives are bursting with Throwback Thursday gems!

Here’s an oldie from a client called House of Brides. From the scarlet-trimmed wedding gown to the dropdowns and product details, this page clearly dates back a few years (or more).

Check out the homepage for this bargain footwear retailer. (But don't worry, that “lorem ipsum” text never made it to the live site!)

Thankfully, our current work is well ahead of the curve. Our client Gearys Beverly Hills just got a chic, sophisticated new site built on Magento Enterprise 1.14. Customized features include product sorting and viewing options as well as robust registry functionality. 

The shoppable new look also complements Gearys’ luxury product offerings.


Fun fact: In the late 90s, Guidance built websites for teen celebrities like Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Candace Cameron Bure. Keep watching our blog to see more #TBT work from back in the day!

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