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by Romulo Rivera, Project Manager

One of the best free sources of web site metrics for your eCommerce site is Google Analytics.  This service from Google aggregates a wealth of data about site traffic, content, audience and much more. This data is very important for understanding customer patterns and can help make educated decisions about site enhancements, as well as recognize weaknesses.

At first glance, Google Analytics can be a bit daunting. The rich interface enables users to filter and segment data in any number of ways. The amount of numbers and statistics provided can be difficult to visualize and quickly identify actionable trends.

To make this easier, Google Analytics has a great tool called In-Page Analytics. This tool allows you to browse your web site as it superimposes a layer of analytics data for each linkable item on site pages. Some of the data available for each link includes: number of clicks, eCommerce revenues, and transactions that initiated from that point.

In-Page Analytics can be seen as a visual analytics map of your site. For eCommerce, this tool is great for determining bottlenecks with site flow or design that may be impacting conversions.  On the other hand, you are able to quickly identify the sections of your site that generate the greatest revenue and can benefit from up-sells or targeted promotions.

If in the past you have been reluctant to use Google Analytics because of its complexity, give the In-Page Analytics tool a try. The tool is intuitive and you will learn a lot more about your site, than just how many people are visiting.

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