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This week's Featured Employee is Ticean, our go-to-guy for all things Magento. Ticean was recently acknowledged as the Employee of the Year by his peers at the Guidance holiday party, last December. Besides the award, he scored great prizes, including a trip for two to Hawaii! We asked Ticean to answer a few questions for us, here's what he said:

What’s your title?
Director of Open Source Solutions

How long have you been at Guidance?
Since September 2009.

Tell us about your hometown.
I was born in Jamestown, Kentucky but moved about 90 miles away to Lexington starting in High School and that was really home to me. The area around us had beautiful green rolling hills and of course lots of horses. I enjoyed hiking and playing music – bass, guitar, drums and piano. But I am definitely not a singer! I also met my wife Amy in my hometown.

What city do you currently live in?
Venice Beach, CA. I've lived in Venice since we moved from Kentucky almost three years ago. I enjoy all the colorful people you see in Venice.

How did you decide on this career?
This wasn’t my original choice of career, actually. I was a Media Communications major in college. I started off as a graphic designer I enjoyed creating visual design with the computer. From there I went into the front end with web design and started doing programming with Flash and it just sort of evolved from there. The one thing I enjoy about my job is that it is like solving puzzles and I get paid to do it.

What was the oddest job you ever held?
I once worked at a radio station when I was 17. It was a great job -- I would get free concert tickets and backstage passes all the time. But one time, I had to dress up as our mascot and I had to play the National Anthem a la Jimi Hendrix to 20,000 people in a chicken outfit.

What do you like most about working at Guidance?
I enjoy working with the people at Guidance and the interesting clients. I also like the location because I can ride my bike to work.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on three Magento projects. Two are on their early design stages -- one is for the best-rated residential paint manufacturer, and the other one is for the world's largest producer and distributor of Swiss watches. The third one is on maintenance phase and it is for the the largest chocolate and candy company in the world.

Here's a photo of Ticean at work!

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