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This week’s featured employee is Sonia, who recently joined our Creative Services team. French-Canadian by birth, Sonia is an award-winning Designer who at a pretty young age knew she was destined to be an artist – the graphic, visual arts kind. We asked Sonia to answer a few questions for us, here’s what she said:

What’s your title?
Senior Designer in the UX + Design Group

How long have you been at Guidance?
Last week was my first full-time week! But I’ve known the team for some time so it almost feels like I’ve been here longer…

Tell us about your hometown.
I was born in Montreal (I’m now a dual citizen), but moved at a very young age to New Hampshire, where I grew up in the city of Manchester. New Hampshire is very green and outdoorsy with a small community feel. Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the state and was a former mill town. So it lies on a river and has a lot of old textile buildings that are now being converted to offices, restaurants, bars. They are trying to rejuvenate the area. Every time I go back, I am surprised at how much more developed it has gotten. I prefer cities and what they have to offer—I’ve lived in Boston, NYC, Houston—and gravitated to L.A. where the weather is nice year-round. The New Hampshire area also gets a lot of snow which I am not a fan of, I am more of a water person. I think water is not meant to be frozen, unless it is floating in a drink!

What city do you currently live in?
I live a few minutes East of the office, in Mar Vista. I’m hoping to move closer to the beach in the Fall. Although, I can’t beat my 8-minute commute right now!

How did you decide on this career?
My mother put me in art classes in Manchester when I was 5 years old, so I was sort of primed for a creative career. My father was a surgeon, though, and of course wanted me to grow up and be a doctor. I excelled in both Art and Science, but when it came down to it, I had too much creative energy and passion and decided to pursue design. I went to undergrad for Architecture & Studio Art, and grad school for Design & Technology. I am interested in all kinds of design—graphic, interactive, fashion, interiors. I think my fascination with the Web came when I realized how efficient it makes life, and how much reach it has. I try to incorporate good design and technology in my life on a daily basis.

What was the oddest job you ever held?
I’d probably have to say, working in the dietary department/kitchen at the hospital when I was in high school. Basically, it would be a team that put together and stripped all the patient food trays, making sure that the correct dietary needs were met for each patient. It was an assembly-line-type job, but I learned a lot about working with a team, discipline (the shifts started at 6am), and being independent.

What do you like most about working at Guidance?
Besides Vice President Franklin? Haha! So far, I’d say that this is a place where the employees and work are celebrated, not tolerated. That is the kind of place you want to be a part of, week to week. In the few days that I have been here full-time, I am getting the sense of a good spirit and work ethic.

What are you currently working on?

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