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This week's Featured Employee is Nat, one of our Directors who specializes in Database Administration & Design. Nat is also our go-to guy for questions about the economy, the markets and financial investments. Some of us even owe the health of our retirement accounts to Nat! We asked him to answer a few questions for us, here's what he said:

What’s your title?
Director, specializing in Database Administration and Design

How long have you been at Guidance?
4 years coming up at the end of the month

Tell us about your hometown.
Oh boy. I grew up in a small town on the banks of the Hudson River … maybe you’ve heard of it … New York City? I am from Queens and, as you can imagine, it is a very lively place with very interesting people. As a small child, I developed a sense of humor by being around these people. We used to play lots of practical jokes in the neighborhood.

What city do you currently live in?
I live in the Valley. Great place to raise kids.

How did you decide on this career?
I practically stumbled into it! In high school, we had this huge IBM line printer. This was back in the late ‘70s. Every time I passed by the computer lab, the printer would be making such loud noises, that one day, I decided to check it out. Then I saw some of the print jobs it was producing – graphs, documents, etc. I was shocked! I told myself I had to learn how to do this kind of stuff. And that’s how my interest in programming started. Later on, while in college during the early ‘80s, I sat down and punched cards which was pretty stressful – one mistake, and you had to throw out the card and start all over again! Then I moved to L.A. and I took a job at an investment bank in Culver City where I had to work a lot with reports and data, and that’s how I got started with databases.

What was the oddest job you ever held?
When I was in high school, I had a summer job at Lane Bryant’s corporate offices. They assigned me to serve as temporary replacement for the Assistant Buyer, who was out on medical leave. And of all the possible items of clothing you could buy for Lane Bryant, the Assistant Buyer I was temping for was in charge of buying lingerie for their stores. The things I learned at that job… But I was good at it, and at the end of the summer, they offered me a job! Sadly, I couldn’t take it, I was still in high school.

What do you like most about working at Guidance?
The people here are very fun-loving. They also have to be mischievous to tolerate my antics. :)

What are you currently working on?

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