Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition: A Quantum Leap in Commerce Platform Performance

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Innovation, ingenuity, and imagination are now the differentiators. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, ideas can be turned into products overnight and new business models can upend markets in a flash. Platforms such as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition empower businesses by enabling them to actualize the possibilities inherent in digital. 
Delivering the Ultimate User Experience
Nowadays, e-commerce is more than just providing great products and services--it’s about delivering the Ultimate User Experience (UX).
Connecting with customers depends on many factors, but if your platforms and storefronts are not easy to manage and a breeze to use, then your business is virtually certain to suffer .
The New eCommerce Imperatives
Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (MECE) is designed to help your business meet the imperatives that govern today’s digital landscape. With their cloud-based platform as a service environment, you’ll be able to conduct your business at the speed of life. As a result, you’ll be able to respond flexibly as market conditions change and utilize elastic scalability to grow your company at the drop of hat.
MECE delivers all the benefits of cloud computing, and then some. Resilience, PCI compliance, automated patching, and global availability are standard. However, unprecedented flexibility is built in too, meaning you can custom-configure solutions to meet your company’s unique needs and as circumstances change. 
Defining the Post-SaaS Era
In many ways, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition defines the post-SaaS era of commerce. It does this by enabling consistent rapid deployment, which empowers businesses to disrupt markets, create opportunities, and invent the future.
Just as importantly, it allows your business to own the customer experience. You control the app, which touches the buyer.  This lets you test and refine, which are key to innovation. 
MECE also takes the complexity out of technology deployments. The burden of having to host, monitor, and scale a business network is lifted. MECE handles that so your business can concentrate on blazing new trails. This truly is a game changer because it allows your company to focus resources where they matter most--on innovation--instead of wasting time and money try to solve tech headaches. 
MECE also features:
  • Robust, proven technologies: In particular, MECE utilizes AWS’s cloud infrastructure, the undisputed industry leader.
  • Elastic resources: Allows your business to rapidly scale resources up or down in response to demand.
  • Global reach: Lets you take advantage of the twelve global regions that Amazon operates in.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring & support: Magento monitors your environment 24/7 to ensure optimum security and performance.
  • Pre-integrated solutions: You can easily add any of Magento’s marketplace extensions.
  • Unequaled flexibility for customization: Site design, payment options, and product options can be changed quickly and easily. Intuitive tools allow businesses to test, deploy, and promote changes rapidly across the globe. 
Increasingly, e-commerce is conducted on a variety of devices, especially mobile. Businesses need a simple way to manage their web presences and storefronts while delivering a great User Experience on whatever device or platform the customer is utilizing. Magento Enterprise Cloud Solutions gives companies an unprecedented array of intuitive, customizable and flexible tools to take their business to the next level. 
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