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Our annual Bike-to-Work day was a great success! Several Guidance employees navigated the streets of L.A. yesterday, from the Southbay, Mid-City and Westside to ride to and from work:

In honor of our cyclists, we held a raffle for those who participated. Congratulations to Russell (our resident cyclist who bikes to work everyday), who won a beautiful eco-friendly messenger bag by EcoGear filled with cyclist necessities (first aid essentials, Camelbak water bottle, tire patch kit and lever 3 set, folding hex wrench set, Party Rat finger lights and Clif bars). And congratulations also goes to our 2nd runners up Katharine and Charlie who received Party Rat finger lights and Clif bars.

Thank you Colin, Lisa, Danielle, Charlie, Katharine, Gordon and Christina for contributing to a greener world by riding your bikes to work yesterday! And a special thank you to Russell for being very eco-friendly
and walking to and from work ever since he broke his arm.

Congrats everyone!

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