Is Your Online Store Suffering from the Economic Blues?

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Lowering prices is not the only remedy...

Gas prices are sky rocketing. The unemployment rate keeps going up. Does this mean you have to lower your prices to attract customers to your online store? Not necessarily…

While price and free shipping were the two most popular answers in a recent Guidance survey where we asked 1,000 consumers what matters most to them when shopping online, there are still plenty of ways to captivate your audience and get them to come back to your site.

In a recent article I wrote for CRM Magazine’s, I present several key suggestions for making online stores enticing and absorbing to even the most price-sensitive consumers. From product display tips, to navigation must-do’s, Help Price-Conscious Consumers Find the Value on Your Site will show you how to overcome consumers’ worries about the economic slowdown with proven eCommerce strategies we’ve implemented on our clients’ websites.

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