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What do you get when you have a group of innovative Web professionals meet for Happy Hour? Hint: It’s in the title.

Today, Guidance’s Innovation team hosted its first Innovation Hour -- a social gathering with an innovative twist. With the help of a few hors d’oeuvres and beverages, the team showcased great new solutions for eCommerce, including online fitting-room technology, Styku, and warehouse logistics system, Kiva.

Trivia and prizes were handed out to those who correctly answered questions about eCommerce patents, social media firsts, and mobile commerce trends among other topics. The team also talked about the top 9 innovations they found out about in the month of June, as showcased on their monthly newsletter, Innovation Monthly. Here they are:

Innovation Monthly

#1 Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a new method of payment that works as “floating currency”.

#2 Google’s +1
Google debuts “+1” technology for consumers to share and follow retailers’ online content

#3 tCommerce
TV meets eCommerce -- Internet connected TV's will drive new commerce opportunities.

#4 Google Wallet
Google Wallet allows Google Phone users to use their phone to "tap, pay and save" with it.

#5 Moontoast
Moontoast is a direct-to-fan social commerce platform, targeting retailers, publishers, musicians & celebrities.

#6 Wirify
Wirify is a tool that lets users turn a Web page into a wireframe with just one click.

#7 Styku
By digitizing clothing patterns from apparel manufacturers, Styku lets users create their own custom avatar to try-on garments online.

#8 Gamification of eCommerce (QuiBids)
QuiBids gamifies eCommerce by letting online shoppers come up with a bid strategy to get great deals on
electronics and other items.

#9 iOS 5
Apple announces the release of iOS 5.


Innovation Hour participants also received a questionnaire about their shopping and social media preferences. We are still tallying all the results, and will be announcing them soon, so check back for more information.

We hope you enjoyed our first Innovation Hour! If you missed this one, we’re planning on having another one in August. Make sure not to miss that one!

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