How Mobile Responsiveness is Transforming and Turbocharging B2B

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Today, business is conducted on-the-go and a world of opportunity is in the consumer’s or business person's hands--quite literally in the form of a smartphone or tablet. Mobile is altering the digital landscape, transforming the way people shop, share information, and make decisions.
Going Mobile
In the B2C realm, cell phones and tablets are revolutionizing how merchants and buyers connect. These same shifts are affecting the B2B world too. Perhaps these trends are not as apparent yet in B2B, where desktop usage still holds an edge, but two aspects of mobile are bound to have a huge impact going forward. 
To begin with, whether it’s B2C or B2B, mobile-optimized sites turn visitors into customers. For example, users are 67 percent more likely to purchase a product or service on a mobile-friendly platform than one that is not. This trend is extremely important when you consider that 69 percent of IT decision-makers use mobile to conduct work-related searches. 
B2B Embraces Mobile?
In fact, according to Forbes Insight, 57 percent of B2B decision-makers are now comfortable using mobile for large  purchases. If your company isn’t optimized for mobile, then your business is missing out.
The trend towards mobile is only accelerating. That’s because handheld devices are convenient, intuitive, and features like mobile voice search are streamlining  the digital interaction process by making it simpler, quicker, and more personalized. 
In case you are not convinced here are some further mobile stats worth considering:
The Mobile Advantage
Increasingly, B2B users are using mobile to research products and gather information before making product or service decisions. In addition, B2B product compatibilities are often a decisive factor. For instance, is a B2B offering compatible in other consumer contexts as well? There is something of a convergence taking place and B2B sites that emulate B2C features (simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate and use) will be at a decided advantage. 
Mobile is increasingly relevant for the B2B in another important respect. In particular, it greatly empowers sales reps who can make presentations demonstrating products and services via their smartphones and tablets.
Product specifications, functionality, pricing, and much more can be conveyed at the drop of a hat and on the spot. Offering potential buyers real-time answers to all their question helps eliminate “I’ll get back to you on that” moments, which  can lead to missed opportunities.
Similarly, tapping mobile to deliver unmatched customer support--where users can access important product info and specs 24/7--is what transforms ordinary users into repeat customers.
In sum, being optimized for mobile is all about making the buyer’s journey simpler and easier. Companies that do so will be the ones that clinch the deals more often than their competition.
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