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IRWD 2011
Greetings from Orlando, Florida! After a week of sessions and networking at Internet Retailer’s Web Design & Usability Conference (IRWD), I’ve decided to stay and enjoy the warm weather in Mickey Mouse-land while getting some work done.

This is my second year attending the show and all I got to say is - when’s the next one?! It is really great to meet and share information with professionals who go through the same design challenges you go through every single day. Here’s a short list of highlights and top quotes from the show:

  • Don't fall into the trap of cloning the design of a market leader site. Apple.com isn't necessarily the best approach for your products.
  • Don't forget recurring customers! Many creative professionals tend to focus on first-time users when designing the site’s user experience and ignore the return customers.
  • Follow the 10/90 rule. Spend 10 cents of every dollar on your Web site’s analytics tool and the remaining 90 cents on a human analyst who can interpret and provide actionable items.
  • Retailers have five seconds to engage a consumer on a Web page, but only TWO seconds to engage them on a mobile site. Yikes.
  • 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that have a mobile-specific Web site, but only 4.8% of retailers actually have one. It’s an issue of credibility. (Luth Research)
  • Four out of five multi-channel retailers do NOT have mobile-friendly site.
  • Shoppers who use the search field to browse for products are three times more likely to convert, and spend approximately 50% more per order.
  • Users seem to gravitate towards a grid-based design. Many people ignore secondary and tertiary navigation.
  • Great sites for UX design testing: Usertesting.com, Crazyegg.com, Fivesecondtest.com, Chalkmark.com and Userlytics.com.
  • What not to do for User Experience – LingsCars.com.

Hope to see you at the next IRWD!


Brett F.

Written by Guidance
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