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HP, the world's No. 1 PC vendor, has invited Guidance to participate in their Green Experience Event on June 2nd at The Orchard Hotel (San Francisco's greenest hotel, as certified by LEED-EB®).

The HP Green Experience Event will further underscore HP’s commitment to green computing, while allowing companies using HP equipment to share their stories about environmental commitment. Guidance’s participation will bolster HP’s commitment through showcasing a real life example of a company and partner relying on HP's eco-friendly PCs to uphold their commitment to the environment. In addition, Jon Provisor, Guidance CTO & Co-Owner, will provide a 15-minute testimony about Guidance's green efforts, addressing - among other things - how HP desktops and servers have benefited our business, boosted energy savings and impacted our pledge for energy-efficiency.

More information on Guidance's commitment to green computing can be found on our joint Guidance-HP Green Case Study. To learn more about Guidance's environmental pledge, please visit our green section.

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