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Long-time Guidance client, GEARYS Beverly Hills, is known among Hollywood A-listers and celebrities for its fine merchandise, preferred gift registry and glossy print catalog. The luxury retailer has been working with Guidance to build and maintain their online store,, for several years now.

The site’s eCommerce platform – AspDotNetStorefront – and POS system, Microsoft Dynamics, were recently upgraded to the ML64 and 2010 version, correspondingly. Guidance also built a single-page checkout solution and assisted with front-end design and usability of the site’s gift registry, which now features a more user-friendly layout and process.

A great new feature added to the site was an online version of their popular print catalog, which uses FlippingBook technology to simulate real-life page transitions. The technology takes the PDF file that the retailer uses for its print catalog and automatically creates an online equivalent. You can check out GEARYS online catalog here:

GEARYS online product catalog, featuring FlippingBook technology

There are more great things in store for GEARYS this year, so make sure to check back for updates. To learn more about GEARYS Beverly Hills, visit their website at

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