Meet Jason -- This Week's Featured Employee

March 11, 2011

This week’s featured employee is actually our CEO & Owner, Jason Meugniot. Jason has seen the company go through great changes, expand its service offering and grow to what we are today in the 12 years he has been at Guidance. His philosophy of “We Are Our Core Values" has successfully delivered Guidance into its 18th year as a market leader in Southern California. We asked Jason to answer a few questions for us, here's what he said:

What’s your title?
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Owner

How long have you been at Guidance?
Since September 1998.

Tell us about your hometown.
I grew up in sunny Santa Monica, California, just 5 minutes from Guidance’s headquarters in Marina Del Rey. Santa Monica was a great little beach community growing up. My parents and I lived in a small, upstairs apartment behind a place called Bay Cities Deli. That place is like the Walmart of Italian deli’s now. Anyway, an only child, I spent a lot of time with my friends skating, BMX-ing, surfing, playing sports, going to the beach… I also spent a lot of time at the Santa Monica Boys Club back then – now the Boys & Girls Club. Great place for kids. My parents still live in Santa Monica and I’m up that way at least once or twice a week for various meetings. It’s grown quite a bit over the years. But it’s still home…

What city do you currently live in?
I live in Hermosa Beach, about 20 minutes south of our office.

How did you decide on this career?
I had a computer very early – one of those Radio Shack computers. Anyway, by the time I was in the 4th grade I was programming the one computer we had at school. I would type these long BASIC language programs from the back of a book during lunchtime. Over time, computers became second nature to me. When I got to college, I was the only kid in my fraternity with a computer and laser printer in his room. But computers were like breathing to me. I didn’t have to think about how to do it – it just came naturally. So I knew my career would be in technology. But I also really like being with people. So I did the natural thing … I majored in Religious Studies. :) Majoring in Computer Science would have been like majoring in breathing. Anyway, once out of school, I got into IT and then consulting for a big firm. And a buddy of mine said, “Hey, you need to check out Guidance.” 2 months later I was here. That was 9/8/98. I’ve worked with so many great people and clients over the years. After about 10 years here, I bought the company, and hopefully I’ll be here in another 10 years…

What was the oddest job you ever held?
I worked at 31 flavors (a.k.a Baskin-Robbins) for a couple weeks when I was 12. I had to master one of those old push-button cash registers and fill ice cream tubs each shift. Then one day, my co-worker served a shake to a customer that wasn’t quite blended all the way and the customer threw it in his face! So it was then that I decided to lose the apron and I got a job at the Boys Club typing up membership cards (I could type 60 words a minute back then).

What do you like most about your company (and being an owner of) Guidance?
I get to pick and choose the people and clients that I want to work with. I have so many great people around me all day. It just makes life and work so much more enjoyable.

What are you currently working on?