From eCommerce to We-Commerce

December 3, 2009

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eCommerce has come a long way since its inception in 1994. What skeptics once labeled as an unreliable channel to sell items has developed into a multi-billion dollar, revenue-generating machine. For 2009, Forrester Research anticipates online merchants to transact over $156 billion in revenues.

As with most technology trends, their progress seek to either simplify their use or provide a more human-like experience. Both have been part of the evolution of eCommerce, from innovations like Quick View and Single-page Checkout that make it easier and faster to browse and purchase items online, to Product Reviews and Ratings, bringing the human, social aspect into the shopping experience.

That is the subject of my new paper, From eCommerce to We-Commerce: The Social Evolution of eCommerce. In it, I look back at the origins of eCommerce and how it has evolved into the social shopping experience we enjoy today. I also discuss current trends, where I think industry is headed, and what the next big thing in eCommerce will be.

You can download the white paper for free here. Drop me a line and let me know what you think about the future of eCommerce. You can leave your comments below or use our Contact form.


Jon Provisor